Monday, 5 October 2015

India and Bangladesh Power Tie Up

Today I will be discussing on the topic on India and Bangladesh Power Tie up.

I was reading news on ET where it was written that NTPC is in talks with Bangladesh govt. for selling of electricity. Presently Bangladesh import electricity from India. NTPC is playing a major role in electricity generation market in India.

In news it is discussed that NTPC is going to commission its 750 MW power plant in 2016. The 85% of total capacity will be supplied to seven north eastern states. Bangladesh is also interested to take power from this NTPC power plant. Bangladesh as a country is a "Deficit in Electricity". So for development of Bangladeh,the govt.needs electricity. Thus it will be easy to import from India,as India have much more resources as compared with Bangladesh.

On Lighter note, we can say that Power will bring friendship between two countries.
From the business perspective,this will also facilitates lots of opportunities.

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