Saturday, 8 August 2015

Renewable Energy Certificate -Decoding

Renewable Power is the energy source which is one of the mostly researched by many countries. In India the Installed capacity of renewable energy is still small in number. The main cause is cost,efficiency and reliability. If demand is not there than obviouslly supply will be less. Suppose if you are getting same chocklate at different rates,then consumer will take the less price chocklate. Similarly in power if you are getting electricity from thermal power at cheaper rate than renewable,the consumer will choose themal.

Image result for renewable energy certificateThus the concept of REC ( Renewable Energy Certificate) evolved. To protect the environment from dangerous pollutants evolving from themal sources there is a need of renewable power.The government decided to promote renewable sources through various routes. REC was one of them.
REC means a certicate which proves that 1 MW of electricity is generated via renewable source. This certificate is traded via power exchanges (i.e. PXIL and IEX).

The buyers for REC can be Discoms,Open access consumer,captive power plants. Every states have targeted the purchase of renewable energy cerificate.The target is set up by respective SERC's. With REC there can be added advantage to states where there are less resources of renewable energy sources.

But if you will see the present scenario of REC,the situation is in bleak state. There are lakhs of suppliers of REC but the buyers are in thousands. The main problem exists in policies of the respective states. Discoms situation is not in a good situation where they are not able to pay for cheap power. Thus this creates a mismatch supply demand in REC market.

REC is of two types: Non Solar and Solar REC. Non solar include small hydro,biomass,W2E,etc.Solar REC include power generated by solar power. Non solar REC price is low as compare with solar REC.Thus the non solar REC is getting better demand than Solar REC.

Now its time to think that what we can do for REC which can promote renewable source. 

I got an idea to promote REC as consider as a CSR activity. There are many companies in India where there is inclusion of CSR activity.Thus we can propose to companies to buy REC as their CSR activity. It will be Win-Win situation for all. The sellers will get their buyers and companies can easily perform CSR activity without any hurdles.

There can be many ideas to promote REC in India.Please share your ideas in comment section below.

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