Wednesday, 25 February 2015

White Paper on power sector to be brought out

Delhi's chief minister Arvind Kejriwal.

A White Paper on the power sector will be brought out by the Delhi government to make people aware of the current situation, chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Tuesday.

He said, through the White Paper, the government wants to inform people on the sector’s position and from where it started the work. People can compare the progress made by AAP government, looking at the White after the end of five years.

The White Paper will also cover the time frame of last 15 years when the Congress was in power, during which the sector saw privatisation.

“The Congress was in power for 15 years. This was the same time when there was privatisation in the power sector.

Since the time privatisation was done, many incidents took place. It is important to keep these facts before the people of Delhi so that they know what is the power situation in the national capital.

“The government will soon bring a White Paper on the power sector. We will tell the people from where we started and what we would have done by the end of five years,” Mr. Kejriwal said.

He was giving his concluding remarks on the Lt. Govenor’s address to the first session of the Sixth Assembly.

AAP has already said that it will emphasis on audits of the power dicoms after it comes to power. It is also looking for power generation at cheaper rates and for that purpose, it has requested the Centre for a coal block.

“We wish to tell the people on what were the terms and conditions when privatisation was started. We also wish to tell people from where we started when we came to power and what we would have done by the end of five years,” Deputy Chief Manish Sisodia later told reporters.


The concept of bringing white paper in power sector is a good decision by Delhi government.
This will give knowledge to public about the power scenario of Delhi.
Arvind kejriwal chief minister of delhi already emphasized on audits of the power discoms. As we know that the situation of BSES is in bleak.So,to improve the situation of power sector in Delhi ,AAP government should come up with proper strategies.


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